Friday, May 10, 2013

Mothers and Miles

   Its Mother's day weekend and we want to wish every mom across the globe a very special Mother's Day! We are extraordinarily grateful that we can celebrate this weekend by running our #2 half-marathon on our Celebrate 13 race schedule tomorrow morning at an all Women's Event. We are hoping to see many mothers, daughters, sisters, grandma's, aunts, cousins, and friends lace up their shoes and join together to honor "MOM".
   To all of the Mother's with a special needs child, we salute you. You are the true wonder women of the world who overcome  many challenges and obstacles for your child, you earn a medal each and every day for the marathon hours of caregiving you lovingly give to your children. Every mile we run tomorrow will be in your honor and your family's honor!
Wishing You Miles of Smiles ~Team Ari 


  1. Love this! Here's to all of the wonderful moms in the world, including YOU! :) I hope Ari is feeling better! I will be thinking of you both when you run your half-marathon tomorrow.

    1. Thank You K! Ari is a trooper and trying to feel better:) I hope you are doing better also and can enjoy this weekend with your family if you are not too busy with finals. Hugs to you!