Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Gift

I will be your voice when you cannot speak up for yourself
I will be your eyes when you cannot see
I will be your legs when you cannot run
I will be your arms when you cannot reach high
I will be your hands when you cannot write
I will be your fingers when you cannot button a shirt or zip a pant.

I will be your biggest fan when you try something new
I will be your protector from harms way
I will knock down the doors and barriers when you can't
I will try to stop the hate
I will be your mother, advocate, cheerleader, doctor, nurse, mentor, nurturer, & therapist.

And you will be my teacher
You will show me how to appreciate all that I have
and never take anything for granted
You will show me how to enjoy every sunrise, lavish breakfast in bed sundays,
and celebrate pigtail mondays
You will show me how to laugh when I feel like crying
You will show me how much fun it is to dance to Katy Perry before you go to bed each nite
You will  show me that the prettiest color in the rainbow is your favorite color blue
You will show me how to be the best mother, wife, friend, and human being that I can be
You will teach me things I never thought possible
And I will be your forever loving student.

Wishing You Miles of Smiles
~Team Ari


  1. Love love love this! Beautiful.

  2. Thank You K! I feel like I've been such a slacker lately with my blog. We've been out of town and busy getting ready for our son to move back home from college, he's graduated, and accepted a full time Physical Therapy position. It's a busy but good transition time for us:)Hope you are well!